Our strategy is for expanding – not just your market share, but your entire market

Brandi is a highly experienced web presence management company that offers the skills and resources to help adapt your business to the evolving standards of Internet marketing and digital brand building.


Developing an effective web presence management program begins with a firm understanding of your brand and its target market. We take the time to absorb your brand’s business model, its core capabilities, and its overall target audience. This immersion process inspires creative and highly effective strategies that will promote your company’s web presence to its fullest potential.

By working with our company, your brand can take advantage of a number of different services for your online branding and marketing.

Our services includes three main categories:


  • Deep market research to identify the target audience and achieve optimal Keyword research for the brand.
  • Competitor analysis to know the strengths and weaknesses of the brand products.


  • Establishing the ideal category for the brand products.
  • Creation of product pages with multiple variations.
  • Interactive high – converting writing copy.
  • Optimal products image & video.
  • Enhanced brand content (EBC).
  • Back-end search terms.


  • Campaign creation & management (PPC).
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Web page Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • External traffic lead generation.
  • Social Media Marketing.

Additionally, the company guides sellers in the registration process of opening the brand on Ecommerce sites, and will advise regarding the logistical preparations and coordination required for sending the products to the relevant warehouses.

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"Simply put, the more channels you’re on, the greater your revenue"

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